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We can provide consultancy for Solar Projects and Road Safety including project reports. We can design and engineer complete Solar products, including:,Home Power systems,Solar generators and Solar parks and Solar powered transport system,for your industrial or residential use. Wen can also design Solar powered Safety Products for national Highways. We specialize in educational projects for schools.

Import & Export :

We import the following goods. More information about them will be readily available on request, by Contacting Us

  • All types of Electrical Components
  • Solar related items
  • Sealed lead-acid batteries
  • Solar cell's, wafer's, & panel's

All types of Road Safety related products & New inventions ( any field )

Royal India R & D Division

Our Research & Development Division is dedicated to developing advanced products in the field of Solar Energy, for the welfare of the community.

We are trying very hard to develop City Solar car and Solar rickshaw , to solve the fuel crisis and world wide pollution problem. Keep visiting our website for future developments.

Multimedia Development:

We can provide complete Multimedia production artifacts, including web sites, showcase CD-ROMS, interactive product demonstrations, and commerce solutions. Please contact us for further information.


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