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Solar Road Stud

Our Solar Road Stud (SRS) provides clearly visible traffic guidance in all weather conditions. After being energized by the sun, the SRS automatically starts to flash when night falls or with the onset of inclement weather.



Solar Panel's (mono & multi crystalline)

We offer 1Watt-120watt. Ideal for any solar application, for example:

  • Electrification of villages in remote areas
  • Power sources for homes/leisure
  • Communications and emergency communication system
  • Billboard/Advertisement and highway signpost
  • Solar powered public conveniences
  • Railway Signals
  • Traffic lights
  • Power supply for medical facilities in rural areas etc.

Home lights systems

Our systems consists of a long-life battery, charge controller PV panels, indoor luminaries, cables etc. Indoor lights design can be of customer;'s choice. It is ideal rural and remote areas. It can also be used in towns when needed.


Power Generator ( for-farm houses, multistoried building's)

We offer tailor made solutions for multistoried buildings, farm houses according to customer's requirements



Street lights systems

At dusk the lamp automatically is switched 'on' and provide uninterrupted light throughout the night, and switches off automatically at dawn. It is ideal for outdoor and community lighting facilities in the town's, rural areas, desert areas, mountain regions and island area's. Different designs are available according to customer's demand.


Village electrification

We specialize in electrification of villages in remote areas.


Irrigation systems

Our Solar irrigation systems are ideal for pumping water from Bore wells, ponds, canals, open wells. Different systems are available according to customer choice.


Solar parks (Green energy parks for resorts & other entertainment parks)

We can establish Solar Parks in any part of the world. Ideal for, villages, remote areas and mountain regions.


Solar lantern

All purpose Solar lantern are available in 110/220 volt with 6V/4AH.Rechargeable with Solar Panel and electricity also.Ideal for Camping, village areas, shop keepers & Hawkers


Solar cooker

A simple device for cooking food through the sun rays, the food cooked and baked in a solar cooker is delicious, nutritious and healthy, available in 1 and 2 pot's design.


Solar Torch

Rechargeable with Solar/ electricity, ideal for hill walking, cycling, Walking, camping, or emergencies


Solar fan

Our Solar fans are available in 110/220 volts. Good for shop keepers, homes and remote areas.


Solar cool caps

Powered by mono/multi/amorphous, no battery required. Good for summer, Cricket, Football, Baseball fans and any other outdoor activities.


Mobile phone charger

We offer portable mobile phone charger in mono/multi crystalline panels. It can be used anywhere, for example, in your car , at work or while traveling in remote areas.


Garden lights

Our Garden Lights are powered by mono/amorphous cells,up to 7-8 of light at night. It will automatically switch on/off by infrared-motion sensor also. Can be placed anywhere. We can provide Garden Lights on customers design and specification.


Solar Water Heater

Our Solar Water Heater system can be used for domestic/industrial purpose. We offer 100 ltr-1000 ltr capacity. The life of the system is around 15-20 years.


Rechargeable-Booster/ jumpstart systems

Our latest product is ideal for cars, trucks, boats and RV'S. The 18amp/hour sealed lead-acid batteries is maintenance free to provide years of free trouble free use. Rechargeable at home or in your vehicle. Both charging cords come included with this system.


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